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With the absence of funds available through legislative appropriations or an unsuccessful voter referendum, public entities are now evaluating public private partnerships with commercial developers to complete crucial real estate and infrastructure projects. These partnerships give public entities the ability to leverage private industry design and construction techniques. They also provide another source of low cost funding with the construction risk being assumed by the developer.

More often than not, a school district or municipality must relinquish project and operational control in exchange for funding the project. The rationale cited is that those who have chosen to assume risk associated with a given project should retain control of that project.

At NCCD, we focus on structuring and funding projects that will make a meaningful community impact. We believe the only way to achieve this goal is to provide our clients with the tools of low cost and efficient funding to turn your vision into reality.

As such, NCCD encourages our public partners to retain control of those aspects of a project that are important to them, including the design, engineering considerations, and operational responsibilities. Most important, unlike a commercial public private partnership, our nonprofit status enables us to access tax-exempt financing, which translates into significant long-term cost-savings for our public partners

We are driven by the belief that the right investment leads to outcomes that can be calculated far beyond the numbers on a balance sheet.


National Campus and Community Development was formed in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing our public partners with the financial foundation they need to build for a better future. We achieve this goal by cutting the time, risk, and cost in facilities development through tax-exempt financing solutions.

With over 30 years experience, NCCD’s management team brings a wide range of expertise to the design, structuring, and implementation of complex transactions, public-private partnerships, and tax-exempt financing solutions for a variety of projects.

NCCD is headquartered in Austin, Texas