Caroline Oakes

Vice President/Director of Operations

With over 30 years in corporate trustee positions for national banks in regional and statewide executive positions, Caroline Oakes brings a new level of experience, expertise, and service to NCCD, its partners, and its clients.

Ms. Oakes has broad experience with tax-exempt financing projects from their early development stages through closing, construction, and ongoing project management considerations. She worked on one of the first tax-exempt student housing projects while at First Union in Nashville, and has continued a specialty in that field.

Ms. Oakes has a commitment to intensive document review at all stages of a deal or project to ensure that compliance and service are closely aligned. She has worked with bondholders and professionals in default management, forbearance, and project stabilization. She has also served as a resource for multiple parties in navigating successful public-private partnerships.

Ms.Oakes earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration magna cum laude from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.