Texas A&M Opens 1,400-Space State-of-Art Cain Parking Garage

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Texas A&M University’s Transportation Services formally opened Cain Parking Garage Monday (Oct. 10), offering more than 1,400 additional parking spaces near the Memorial Student Center (MSC) and Kyle Field.

“This is a great facility and we are pleased to have it open and ready to serve the parking needs of the Texas A&M community,” said Associate Vice President Peter Lange, Transportation Services. “This state-of-the-art facility showcases some of the latest in parking technology that we expect will deliver the ultimate parking experience to our customers.”

Cain Garage, which includes more than 500,000 square feet of floor space, has five parking levels, including rooftop parking for use by visitors and permit holders, as well as for fans on game days.

The exterior of the facility is designed to complement the surrounding campus infrastructure, including the MSC, which is located just across the street, Lange pointed out. A combination of materials, including brick, burnished block, aluminum panels and stainless steel mesh, was used in the construction of the exterior façade.

Parking guidance systems on display in Cain Garage.

Upon entering the facility, electronic way-finding and level counting signage will guide customers to available parking. This technology operates in real-time and with 99 percent accuracy, according to Parking Guidance Systems. The ultrasonic space indicators provide customers with information about open parking spots through programmable RGB LED lighting that indicates whether a parking spot is open and available for use.

“Another benefit of Cain Garage is its close proximity to the core of campus, which helps to offset the growing parking demand that has resulted with the university’s increased enrollment, Lange said. “An added bonus is that Cain Garage is the closest parking facility to Kyle Field, which offers premier parking for fans during football game days.”

Cain Garage is part of a larger site plan being evaluated for an academic building and a hotel/conference center, officials noted. Construction of Cain Garage began shortly after the demolition of Cain Hall in the spring of 2016 and remained on schedule and on budget until its completion.

Tours are available to credentialed media upon request.

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